Mermaid tattoo

Mermaid tattoo.

The young girl with the dark eyes broke my heart. She’ll probably never know it. And she wanders into my dreams from time to time. She doesn’t know that either.

My landlord promised me a new fridge a couple days before. Today, when I came home from my shitty job, the bright clean perfect and white refrigerator was home too.

Later, after taking many cold beers from its belly. And eating fried chicken. Shots of tequila. And smoking medical marijuana, I opened that fridge again.

It opened white clean quietly humming and cold. It was like being on a spaceship.

I wished that the dark eyed beauty was there with me. Out in space together. Far away where no one knew where we were. On my spaceship. Staring into my perfect new fridge.

Yes. The sweet Princess. I love her. Oh, but what is our course. Where are we headed. But I don’t care. As long as she wanders into my dreams from time to time. Her pretty head on my shoulder. Her soft hands in mine.

If there is an afterlife, be it an eternal dream, Heaven shipping me back for another round, I want to come back as the drowning man tattooed on the dark eyed girl’s hip being saved by the mermaid with its wide and rolling tail fin tattooed up and around the dark eyed girl’s back and across her shoulders. The mermaid’s cool green and purple hands holding my mouth just above the surface. Her blue lips close to mine and ready to kiss life back into my body. Our lips may never touch, but being there with me, she’s keeping from ever going under.


About magnumturtle

I write fiction.
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