Don’t follow me

Don’t follow me.

One more cigarette. One more drink. One more kiss. I look up to the sky to see the nightbird fly, but she’s flown away. And left nothing but the night. No stars to show me the way back to her. I guess it’s alright because she’ll always be in my heart. Like those days when the sun and the moon share the same sky.

Those days when I made her breakfast in only my socks, Sunday morning before I had to go to work. I needed a shower and a shave, but more than that I needed another drink.

In my car, on the road, drunk Sunday and my coffee as black as my memory. I was in love. In love with her. In love with the drink and in love with the sunny blue sky.

Away from her. I should have hit the blinkers. Looked over my shoulder. Yanked the wheel earlier. Got off the freeway to turn back to her. To hell with the job. To hell with the cops. To hell with all the smoke. She would be back in bed. Ready to love me. Ready to kiss me till she fell asleep again. Coffee breath and scratches across my shoulders. It’s Sunday morning and I ain’t got no job, no hope and no future. But I’d have her and a bottle for us to share.


About magnumturtle

I write fiction.
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