House Cat

House Cat.

 I knew a little grey cat. Her name was Veronica. She had a grey nose and the softest grey pads that had never touched the outside world.

Veronica was filled with hate and anger. She’d scratch your eyes out if you pet her when she wasn’t in the mood. She scratched me good a few times.

She liked to lay on top of me when I’d be on her mother’s couch or the bed. If I were laying on my stomach, she’d lay on my lower back. She wasn’t a fat cat, but after a while my back would begin to hurt with her laying there. I’d get quite sore, but I’d never move her.

Her mother only had two legs and were the most beautiful pair of legs, especially when they were in the air.

I really loved that cat and I miss her when I think of her.


About magnumturtle

I write fiction.
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