Another no one

Another no one.

I wonder how many songs have been sung. Many more than all the sunsets and sunrises. I wonder who knows that I am here.  I look up into the sky and the stars and raindrops fall onto my face. I wonder who has been forgotten. I wonder how may bricks have been laid. Not enough and still too many. I wonder how many roads were crossed. Like a child the planet spins and spins. I wonder when all the days will end. Please hold me close, so that I can feel my heart beat between us. I wonder whose heart will beat with mine. I wonder if anyone will be there with me. Will there be old friends. Will there be any grandchildren. Will my children weep. Will they laugh at my innocent foolishness. Will there be anyone left who really knew me. Will I have been there to remember them.

Who is that in the mirror. Who is that in those old photographs. No one. No one but me. Who will toss away my old and worn shoes. Who will close my apartment door for me when I will not be there to do it myself. And who will open it again, never knowing that I was there before them.


About magnumturtle

I write fiction.
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