Lustful leer

Lustful leer.

You may never know how hard it is to find a girl like the one I found all those years ago. Just 18 years old. Working as a bank teller. In a tight sweater. Powder blue. The most amazing mouth. The most perfect supple and kissable lips. Beautifully sexy soulful eyes. Completely burning with passion. She knew that I was staring at her.  She knew what I wanted. And she knew that she would give it to me.

Does another girl like that exist out there somewhere. Perhaps she does, but so rare a find that not likely found more than once in a lifetime.  And I still have her number.

That girl, that situation, may be even more rare than even I could imagine. Like some sort of extraterrestrial experience. Unless one has actually lived it, it might never be truly comprehended by anyone else but the beings involved.

What followed my entanglement with this creature may have gotten murky with the complications of trying to extend or relive the whole thing, but the first light of that experience only shines brighter the more it’s revisited in the mind.

I close my eyes and I can still see her now, shinning like a Goddess. If I were to never open my eyes again and only see her forever, forever wouldn’t be long enough.


About magnumturtle

I write fiction.
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