If I were to fall asleep at this moment, I’d get three hours before the alarm went off and I’d have to get up for work, again. Only I ain’t sleep yet. Instead I’m drinking, again.

My feet hurt and I’m broke, but today was a good day. Everyone I came across smiled at me, or shook my hand, or gave me a hug. They were my friends. My family. And a couple of them, passing lovers.

It rained all the night before. By 10 this morning the sky was clear, blue and cool. And where no one could hear me, I said  thank you to my Lord.

I’m saying it again, right now. Thank you Lord, thank you.

There will be one morning, the first after my last night. I will no longer be with you. Nor you with me. Where will I be? We will never know till we’re there.

Low, I am not there tonight.

Tonight it’s just you, me, the bottle and my achy feet. So snuggle up close and push your kitten into my thigh. We got less than three hours. Less one more day. Less one more kiss.

About magnumturtle

I write fiction.
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