Bazooka Joe

Bazooka Joe.

Sometimes it’s best to keep quiet. Better off not smell the roses. Might lean in to take a whiff and get stung. Sometimes you ought not try to recall that old tune. Keep it to yourself. That old joke too. Keep your matches in your pocket. There are plenty of younger men to light her smoke.

That’s what the young men want to advise the old gull.

But they haven’t kissed the lips that you’ve kissed. Never tasted the tongues you’ve tasted.

Silly young queers. As if they’d ever know. Let them turn their backs.

Wait for it.

Let them walk away. Let them go.

Shrug your shoulders. Spit and give a wink. Offer to buy a drink.

It’ll be a good time for an old joke. A good time to lean in on the juke for that old time tune.

A few laughs. A shuffle or two, holding her soft and little hands. And she’s there for you in the morning. Drinking coffee from your favorite cup.

And then she’s gone. Back to her younger man’s bed. Sometimes it’s best to keep quiet.



About magnumturtle

I write fiction.
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