Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci.

You are some kind of a God damned fool if you think that hell ain’t real. ‘Cause it is. And it’s waitin’ for you, like it’s waitin’ for me.

So I told her, “Now come sit on my lap you wonderful little angel.” Talk into my face with your eyes so beautiful and brown, your breath foul with vodka-cranberry, cigarettes and candy scented lip gloss.

Her short legs were smooth and perfect. Bare feet bobbing off the edge of that tired old couch. The carpet needed vacuuming and left her with dirty soles. But her toes were clean, well kept and freshly painted a dark blood red. How many years too young for me was she, I just didn’t want to think about. She was young, but not a child. She was just too young for me.

Anyway. She was only in her panties and top. The panties that she knew were my favorite of hers. My hand slipped under her little cotton top that showed the world a peek of her tight and perky mounds at every move she made.

She didn’t flinch as I fondled her like the creeper that I am. She just kept prattling on about her day of wasting a perfectly good life as she took another dry puff from her smoke. The ashes fell onto my lap.

When she felt the rise in my crotch, a smirk peeled across her face. And the dirty little slut that she’d perfected within herself made her naughty entrance into our dumpy apartment. She slid her legs open and reached between them to grab and squeeze the warm and dampening package bulging in my three day old jeans.

She turned to me and said, “God, you turn me on.” I loved it when she called me that. She leaned in close, her lips almost touching mine and she growled, “I think I’m in the mood for something really dirty tonight, babes.” She swung her legs off my lap to stand so that she could tug and shimmy my pants off, only one leg.

She straddled herself back onto my lap. She didn’t take off her panties, but only pulled them aside and began to smuggle my ready lizard into her ass. It didn’t take long before I knew that I couldn’t take much more before it was time to blow. But I managed most of it in before she took my hand around and pressed it into her sticky wet fur.

She said, “Yeah, this is it Daddy… This what I had in mind.” She moaned. A few more pumps and she fell into me. Her hot mouth and breath on my neck and in my ear. I gripped her rough by her hips and pulled her in and shot deep and hot into her. God damn her soul, but she whined into my ear, “Do it Daddy, fuck that dirty little asshole. Fuck me Daddy.”

I couldn’t get rid of that filthy sinner. She told that I wouldn’t be able to from the first night we’d met. I told her that she was like a rescued pup. She called me mean. I told her to get used to it and I told her to get into the car. She was even more beautiful when she pouted. I told her to hand me the bottle that was rolling around at her feet. She picked it up and took a long drag from it before she passed it over, almost empty. Not even enough for a decent pull. She snorted as she laughed at me. I warned her and threatened a good slap. She grabbed me hard by my chin and mouth. She smeared her mouth across mine as she said, “I knew you were my kinda man, Daddy.”

I pulled my face away. She lit up a joint that she dug from her tiny purse. I looked into my own eyes through the rearview mirror and sneered at how sometimes Heaven can lead you straight to hell, believe it or not. Just never forget to consider yourself lucky to have been here at all. And I tossed the empty bottle out of the window. She screamed and tore her blouse off and tossed it out the window. I think that I loved her from the start. I will love her always till all my days have been spent.


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