Sack lunch

Sack lunch.

This is not good. Today was the same as the day before and the same as too many others. My feet are sore. The box is empty. And my thirst is the only thing that drives me. But it is too easy to quench. I drink it down every night till I’m all driven out.

I’d always wanted to play the guitar. To sing happy and loud songs. Big and full of life, hope and love. But I never learned. Almost never. It took a busted heart. It took a desperate blind swipe at grabbing back something that was already lost. There was one song that I learned to play. One song that I’d strum. But only sang to myself. The guitar collected dust in the corner of my room. I sold the guitar, but the dust is still there. So am I. And so is my thirst. So is tonight. So will be tomorrow night.


About magnumturtle

I write fiction.
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