First day of summer

First day of summer.

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Sometimes it’s difficult to determine whether it’s been a good day or bad. My purchase at Ralph’s consisted of eight cans of Friskies and a fresh and moist pack of Twinkies, on sale 10 for $10. Before that it was a pit stop at my little liquor store for two mini bottles of tequila. $2 each. Then on to Del Taco for chili-cheese fries, a taco and quesadilla (well-done, but by the time I got it home it was heavy and cold like a dead man’s heart). $5.73. Had a beer between one of the mini bottles, the Del Taco, the walk to the store and peeling off my socks after long and useless day at work. While in line at Ralphie’s I made friendly small talk with a bright eyed, attractive young woman. I suspect a Caltecher. Geeky, cute and too young for me. She was enthusiastic in her polo shirt, blue that brought out her eyes. Jeans and clean pretty painted toes in flip flap sandals. We laughed about how pathetic my purchase and it’s reflection on my life. I’ll soon forget her and she will never think of me again either. But I walked away with a smile on my face as well as in my heart as recalled another mini bottle waiting for me at home. And my two hungry cats would never know the difference, nor would they give a shit.


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