When I was a young boy, my parents and my older sisters would leave the house for work and school so early, I was left to get myself up, dressed, fed and to school. I hated school. Some days I would walk extra slow so that I would purposely miss the bus. Some days I would eat my morning cereal one marshmallow at a time, till I knew the bus would, again, leave me behind. Some days I just didn’t give a fuck, one way or the other, and have my cereal while watching cartoons on the floor all day, never leaving the house. No one else seemed to give a fuck either. And little ever really changes.

These days I don’t sleep very well. I eat only once a day. There has been a day or two that slipped by where I didn’t sleep or eat at all. In the night I read and drink tea. In the day I watch t.v. in my socks. In between, I try to keep busy and try not the think about the walls of my apartment. Today I cleaned the microwave. I pulled the plug from the socket. Took the glass plate and washed it in hot soapy water. I soaked the sponge in the hot water too. I used it to wipe down the inside of the box.

I had an uncle that seemed like he had always been married to his wife. She was a friendly woman. A nice lady. Small, thin, dark red hair and drove a chocolate brown 944. My uncle loved her very much and not long after she died, he would call my mom at 3 in the morning to tell her that a UFO hides in his backyard at night.

My uncle died alone on his couch. We had to empty his old place. Under his bed were worn out slippers. On the bath room sink, sat a pink, dried and split bar of soap. In the hall was a junk drawer filled with matchbooks, rubber bands and batteries. And in the kitchen was an unplugged microwave, spotless inside and out. I never believed in UFO’s or ghosts. I figured it wasn’t any ghoul or alien that was going to get me in the end. But lately, I’ve started to keep an eye in the sky just in case.


About magnumturtle

I write fiction.
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