The people that don’t know me, they are where I work. They say things to me as they pass me in the hall. Things like, “Good Morning.”, “Hang in there.”, or, “It ain’t over till it’s over.” We sit in meetings together. We discuss all the things that mean nothing at all to the hearts of any of us.

On the way home, I sit in the car. Traffic slugs along. All around me are the same people. Their bellies soft. Their minds worry and run like rats in a maze. The fumes from their exhausts and cigarettes from their open windows, drifts into my lungs and life.

When I get home, I feed the cat. He doesn’t give a damn about me. But he cries till I feed him. I wash the dishes. I walk to the corner store for a fresh bottle. I stop by the taco stand. I buy two tacos and fries. I flirt with the married and big bellied cashier to get her to add grated cheese to my fries, no charge.

I see my neighbor walking down the street as I am walking up, back home. I’ve heard her moans in the night, getting fucked good. And I see her and I want to fuck her too. Her young brown skin. Tasting the sweat on her chest between her tits. The salty kisses in the dark. The sheets ruined by more sweat and our cum.

She keeps walking on. And so do I. Later, I may hear her moans again. But not before I have a few drinks, a couple tacos and cheese covered fries. And if this happens to be my last night on Earth, so be it. I will have a full belly and be ready to face my next destination in the cosmos.


About magnumturtle

I write fiction.
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