Thursday is practically Friday

Thursday is practically Friday.

Traffic was light on the way home tonight. My spirits could have gone either way. I tuned the radio to happy music, because I didn’t want to be sad by the time I’d reached my driveway.

I ate an early lunch, but it was a good one. And it held me all day. By the time I got home, I was laughing to myself. ‘Cause there wasn’t anyone else to laugh with. And laughing is the only thing that has ever saved my ass up until now.

I poured a drink. It wasn’t a sad drink, like most nights. It was a good one.
A friend of mine, his father died today. I have a father. My son has me. One day my heart will break when my father goes. I never want to leave my son.

I was still happy. I drank a couple more. I was expecting a check in the mail. But instead there was an invite to a young couple’s wedding. They’d taken the time to write out my full name and address. They’ll marry mid-summer, back home in the mid-west. I’ll likely not make it. Work and rent will get in the way. But more than that, I don’t think I could stand showing up alone.

The sun was up and out early this morning. Tomorrow will be Friday. The weekend will be clear and good. I’ll be working and grateful for it.

I only wish that when I come home after, there’d be someone sweet and waiting like there once was. The world is big and still so small. Somewhere, sometime, not too far out, there are sweet little kisses waiting for me, and for you too.


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I write fiction.
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