Little Angel

Little Angel.

Nothing really changes too much. Sometimes that’s a wonderful thing. Sometimes it’ll end you. But I’m here and so are you and tonight that’s good enough to hold us till the sun comes up again.

The night is clear and cool. The music is good and I have a fire burning in the backyard. The moon is full and keeping us hopeful. The beer is cold and there’s more in the fridge.

One day I’ll be gone, but you’ll still be here. And you’ll be glad that you and I were once in love.

My room is empty, but the sheets are clean and will feel good when it’s time for me to climb in and my pillow will hold my head and my dreams of the good days and the bad.

When I lay down and I close my eyes I’ll see you kicking at the waves in that old picture of you I took that last day at the beach. My heart will hold you there forever.

The fire glows hot and red. The neighbors are laughing in their beds. They are happy and have no idea that I’m listening to them through the open window.

I’ll pour another drink, then pour another after that. And I’ll be missing those nights when some poor lonely bastard was listening to us. In love, kissing and sweating in the summer heat. Good night little Angel, good night.


About magnumturtle

I write fiction.
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