Cherry. Grape. Orange.

Cherry. Grape. Orange.

Tonight it’s hot. It’s always hot in October. People seem to forget that every year.

I fell asleep on the couch almost immediately after I came home from work. When I woke up it was dark in my living room, but the sun hadn’t set and I could see its light through the curtains.

My head was heavy and my thoughts were slow. I’d kicked off my shoes before the nap, but slept in my socks.

I dragged myself to take a piss before I clicked on a couple lights in the apartment. I sat on the couch again and sweat rolled down my neck. I had to take a ride out to Venice Beach to look at a used car. I liked the car and I made an offer.

Once home, I had a late dinner and watched a documentary of early film. It was late now and I knew I’d have to try to sleep soon. My nights are fitful. I will see the morning and be exhausted.

I walked to the store for a box of popsicles. I like to eat them in bed. This helps me relax.

On my walk to the store I carried in my hand a whole lemon I had in the kitchen but never ate. Its rind was getting too soft so I took it with me to throw as far as I could. From my driveway and all the way up my block I could smell people smoking cigarettes from their upstairs patios, porches and one guy sitting in a parked car.

I walked up the street. I waited till there were no passing cars and I hurled the lemon onto the 3rd story roof of the building across the street. A homeless man on the sidewalk witnessed the throw and acknowledged nothing when I walked passed him.

Many times in the store there are pretty young ladies. Not tonight. I bought two boxes of popsicles.

On the way back home, there were more people smoking cigarettes. A group of four people were walking ahead of me. Two large and sloppy men, both smoking. One short sloppy woman, also smoking. And one thin and amazingly beautiful bodied young lady. She wore very short and tight jean shorts, a white t-shirt, calve high socks with red stripes and white canvas sneakers. She had no cigarette.

People can either become disarmed or angry in this type of early fall heat. Some times people have no control of their actions under this type mocking swelter. I always try to keep them from my back. They complain and asks why is it so hot this time of year. They seem to forget. Maybe they choose to forget.

I don’t forget. I will never forget.

About magnumturtle

I write fiction.
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